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4. Report Payments Made on Invoices

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Choose this option from the menu to display the payments made on a specified invoice. This is helpful when a vendor is enquiring about your payment status for certain invoices. The following message will appear:



Enter a Year to look in or C for the current checkbook.C 




The cursor will appear next to the menu choice.


Type the year of the checkbook transaction you are looking for, or leave the entry as <C> to look in the current checkbook file.


You can leave checkbook entries in the current file indefinitely. You only need to specify a year, if you have purged older checks to a yearly check file. (You might want to purge older checks if your current checkbook file gets large and starts to slow down.)


To find the payments for an invoice, you must enter the invoice number and vendor code for the invoice at the screen below




║  Type the invoice that you want to search for:                               ║

║          Type the vendor code for the invoice:                               ║





The list of payments can be printed or displayed on the screen.



             Do you want to print the results? No Yes  <Esc>=Quit



Press <Y> to print the listing on the printer, or <N> to display the list on the screen.


The report will display or print. When the report has finished, the menu will appear. Return to step 1 to print another report, or press <0> to return to the previous menu.