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3. Edit a Check

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Checks written using the Make a Check to One Vendor and Make Checks to Several Vendors as well as Write a Check may be edited. From this selection you will also have the option to void any check.


To edit a check entered from this menu, choose option 2, and if prompted, select the bank account you are working with. The following screen will appear:




█                      Golden Opportunity ♦ Edit a Check                       █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



       CHECK NUMBER:          0    (leave the check # blank to search by payee)




Enter the check number or press <Esc> to back out. Leave the check number blank and press <Enter> to find the check by payee name.


If you leave the field blank and press <Enter>, the payee field will appear on the screen:



         PAYEE NAME:                        




Type the payee name or the first few letters. The system will search for a check with the check number or payee you enter. If no check is found that matches your entries, the system will display a message to inform you that no checks were found. Press <Enter> to re-type the check number or payee.


If you cannot find the check to want to edit, see step 10 to print a list of checks. When you have found the check number, return to this step.


When the check has been found on the system, the following check screen will appear, displaying the check information:






║  DESCRIPTION                               HAS THIS CHECK CLEARED: N         ║

║  ________________________________________________         CHECK #: 1093      ║

║  ________________________________________________                            ║


║  PAY EXACTLY           DOLLARS    CENTS            DATE         AMOUNT       ║

║                                                    12/31/99          0.00    ║

║  PAY TO THE ORDER OF: ABC Diamond Company                                    ║

║              ADDRESS: 1234 Overland Avenue                                   ║

║                       Suite 2001                                             ║

║     CITY, STATE  ZIP: Los Angeles, CA 90034                                  ║





This information is identical to the information entered from the Write a Check screen, so you can look at that section above for details on any item on the screen.



    Do you want to Accept, Cancel changes, Re-enter or Delete?  <Esc>=Quit




To void or delete a check, choose Delete. If you choose Delete, the bank balance will be increased by the check amount. If the check you are deleting is a check that paid off account payable invoices, the invoices will be added back the payable list.