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3. A/P Aging Report

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This report summarizes total amounts due to each vendor, broken down by the age (0/30/60/90 days) of each invoice. Choose Aging Report from the menu and the following message will appear:


           Do you want to Display or Print this report?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <D> to display the accounts payable aging report on the screen, or <P> to print the report on paper.


        Do you want to include zero-balance vendors? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




You may have a very large vendor list, but only a portion of them will have an outstanding balance. Choose <N> to exclude those vendors which have a zero-balance, or choose <Y> to all vendors regardless of balance.


The report will start. When the report has finished, the menu will appear. Return to step 1 to print another report, or press <0> to return to the previous menu.