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2. Select Vendor for a new Payable

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Choose <Enter> to enter a new invoice and the following screen will appear:




█                    Golden Opportunity ♦ Enter a Payable                      █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit



        VENDOR CODE:     


        VENDOR NAME:                                        



To search for the vendor by vendor code, type the three-character vendor code. You can also find the vendor by name by leaving the code blank and pressing <Enter>, then you can type a portion of the name. Press <Enter> to begin the search for the vendor record.


If the vendor is not yet in the system, you can add it from this screen, but you have to search by vendor code, not vendor name.


The system will check the vendor file for a record that matches the data you typed.



╔════════════════════════ Press <Esc> to Add a New Vendor ═════════════════════╗

║MORE ↑, press <┘              Account                 City    Phone           ║

║Les Trophees Bienvenue I  TRO ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║London Light Ltd          LON ____________         New Yor (999) 999-9999     ║

║Pacific Bell              PAC ____________         Los Ang (999) 999-9999     ║

║Plaza St-Hubert           PLH ____________         Chicago (999) 999-9999     ║

║Rolex Watch Co.           ROL ____________         Dallas  (999) 999-9999     ║

║MORE ↓, press <┘ (<Enter>)                                                    ║




If the vendor appears on the screen, highlight the name, press <Enter> and the following screen will appear, asking you to confirm the vendor information:



│ VENDOR CODE: IML       ACCOUNT NO.: ____________                    │

│ NAME: Image Makers of Los Angeles                                   │

│ 220 Viceroy Road, Unit #6                                           │

│ Los Angeles CA 90034-0011                                           │


Is this the correct vendor? Previous Yes Next Edit  <Esc>=Quit




If the correct vendor is displayed, press <Y> and skip to step 3, or press <N> to re-type the vendor code or name.


If you want to add a vendor to the list, type in the new vendor code above when prompted for the vendor code, and when the list of the vendors with the closest names appear, press <Esc>, then you will be asked to confirm whether or not you want to add a new vendor.



Do you want to add vendor IMA? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit



Press <Y> to enter the vendor, or <N> to return to re-type the vendor code or name. If you press <Y>, see the Vendor Maintenance chapter in section 8 for information on entering a new vendor record. Return to this procedure when the vendor information has been entered.