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2.Enter Selection Criteria

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Don’t choose any of the selections unless you specifically want to restrict the report to those items. For example, if you want to see invoices for all vendors, you don’t even have to choose the For Vendors option.


For Vendors*} Use this option to restrict the selection to items from one vendor only, or a series of vendors. To choose items from just one vendor, enter the vendor code as both the starting and ending vendor code. If nothing is entered, ALL vendors will be shown.


Excluding Vendors*} The system will not exclude from the list invoices from vendors within the list of vendor codes entered here. You can type XXX in the second field to clear all previous entries.


For Dates Due Before*} Only select invoices due on or before the date entered.


Specify Check Date*} Type the date you want to appear on the checks.


Default Payments Full, Minimum or Other*} When you choose Pay Checks, a list of selected invoices will appear and you will select an amount to pay next to each invoice depending on whether you want to pay it or not, see Step 3. If you expect to pay most of these invoices, set this option to FULL to have the full amount already filled in. If you expect to not pay most of these invoices, choose OTHER to not select the invoices unless you specifically choose them. Regardless of which choice you make here, you can always pay or skip any invoice — this option just helps speed up the process of selecting invoices to pay.


Display or Print*} Choose Display if you want to display the report on-screen or Print to print the report on paper. The report is started with the next option.


Start Report*} Before you pay the invoices, you can choose this option to see a report of the invoices selected. This can give you a preview of the amounts you will pay.


Select Invoices to Pay*} Choose this option when you are ready to see a list of invoices and to select which ones to pay.


Bank Account and Check Number *} If you have set up more than one bank account in the Jewelry Shopkeeper, press <Enter> on this option to select which account you want to use. The next available check number for that bank will also show. If you need to change the next check number, choose Initialize Bank Accounts from the Checkbook Utilities menu.