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2. Write a Check

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To write a check that is not paying off an invoice posted to the payables system, choose option 1. If you have set up more than one bank account, the following screen will ask which account you want to use.


If you have set up one of the bank accounts to be the Petty Cash account, you would also use this screen for any payment from petty cash.




█                     Golden Opportunity ♦ Write a Check                       █


                              Press <Esc> to Quit




 What Bank Account will this Transaction change? (1234) 0      <Esc>=Quit


 ║              Account Name                     Balance   Next Check No.      ║

 ║ Account 1:   CHECKING ACCOUNT               ______.__       1090            ║

 ║ Account 2:   SAVINGS ACCOUNT                ______.__       1043            ║

 ║ Account 3:   SALES TAX SAVINGS ACCT         ______.__      20025            ║

 ║ Account 4:   PETTY CASH ACCOUNT             ______.__        108            ║





The next available check number will appear, but you can change it if needed below:



       CHECK NUMBER:        1093




Press <Enter> to accept the check number or type the correct number. Press <Esc> to back out. The following message will appear:



   Should this payee name be pulled from the vendor file? Yes No  <Esc>=Quit




If the check is for a vendor that has been entered on the system or one that you want to enter into the system, press <Y>. Otherwise, press <N>.


If you press <Y>, you will be asked to enter the vendor code. Type the code, or leave the code blank and press <Enter> to enter the vendor name. The system will display the vendor information. Press <Y> to indicate that the correct vendor is shown.


The following screen will appear:





║  DESCRIPTION                               HAS THIS CHECK CLEARED: N         ║

║  ________________________________________________         CHECK #: 1093      ║

║  ________________________________________________                            ║


║  PAY EXACTLY           DOLLARS    CENTS            DATE         AMOUNT       ║

║                                                    12/31/99          0.00    ║

║  PAY TO THE ORDER OF: Abc Diamond Company                                    ║

║              ADDRESS: 1234 Overland Avenue                                   ║

║                       Suite 2001                                             ║

║     CITY, STATE  ZIP: Los Angeles, CA 90034                                  ║





If you chose to pay this check to a vendor that is on the system, the vendor name will already be filled in at the bottom section of the screen.


The check number you entered appears at the top right of the screen for reference.


Enter the following check information:


HAS THIS CHECK CLEARED? *} Press <Y> if the check has cleared through your bank, or <N> if the check is still outstanding.


DESCRIPTION*} Type a description for this check.


AMOUNT*} Type the amount of this check.


NAME*} If this check is not to a vendor on the system, type the name of the payee.


ADDRESS*} If this check is not to a vendor on the system, type the address of the payee.


CITY, STATE, ZIP*} If this check is not to a vendor on the system, type the city, state, and zip code of the payee.


CHECKBOOK BALANCE *} The amount currently in your bank account displays for your reference.


When the information has been entered, the following message will appear:




                                       ║ Enter the expense code and the portion║

EXPENSE CODE   AMOUNT                  ║ of that expense in the corresponding  ║

════════════   ═════════               ║ Amount entry field. To divide an      ║

__________          0.00               ║ expense between other accounts, enter ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ an amount LESS THAN the total and the ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ balance will be transferred to the    ║

──────────     ─────────               ║ next line.  Delete the code and press ║

                                       ║ the down arrow to use no expense code ║

                                       ║ for this transaction                  ║




EXPENSE CODE*} Next you have the chance to break down the expense into different accounting codes. If the payee is a vendor on the system, this field will default to the vendor's usual expense code, however, you can change it. Enter up to four expense codes and four amounts that must equal the total amount of the check. See the appendix for more details on breaking down an expense into different expense codes.


            Do you want to Accept, Cancel, or Re-enter?  <Esc>=Quit




Press <A> to accept this information, <C> to cancel the check entry, or <R> to re-type any of the information above.


If you press <A> or <C>, the first screen in this step will appear. Enter another check number, or press <Esc> to return to the menu in step 1.