Voiding & Refunding Credit Card Payments

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Payments that have not be 'BATCHED OUT' at the processor are voids.


Batching out is usually done at 12AM each day.


Voiding is removing a payment from the same day's sales.




Voiding a payment is simple.


Edit the sale.  Unlock it



And click the DELETE check-box of the payment


You will be prompted to confirm you want to delete






Refunding a credit card is a little more involved.


You must know the 'REFERENCE IDENTIFIER' or 'REF ID' number of the authorized payment. It is printed on the original receipt.


Shopkeeper keeps track of the REF ID numbers too in the payment list.


Highlight the original payment and RIGHT CLICK it to reveal the REF ID number:






Then make a NEW sale in Shopkeeper. (Don't edit the old sale!)


Type in the original Sku and selling price. Type in -1 in the quantity. That will return the sku and show a refund due.


Choose the Credit Card as the payment type.


When prompted, either select from the list of previous payments OR type in the REF ID: