Time Clock and Time Cards

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Adding Time Card Entries


From the Maintenance Menu choose Time Cards to record time-clock entries.




(Note that you can add the Time Clock option to any menu by choosing Options, Customize Menu

at the top of any menu. E.g. you might want it on the Main Menu at certain computers in the

front of the store.)



- - -

There's no difference between entering a clock-IN entry and a clock-OUT entry.


Any (even) number of entries per day is possible

- - -


In the time-clock screen you enter the initials,  and then re-enter them for verification



The clock-in time and comments boxes are optional.


The computer time will be assumed for the clock-in time, but the person could

change the "declared" time if needed. E.g. perhaps they didn't have access to a computer

at the time they started or left work.


Even if the declared clock-in time is modified, the supervisor would be alerted to

modified times on the time card reports. The supervisor can also review the actual vs. declared times.


If needed, a security option is available to limit the ability to change the declared time.