Technical Support Options

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Maintenance Plan vs. A La Carte Support and Updates


Your initial program purchase includes:

30 days/1 hour of free technical support for packages up to $500; 2 months/2 hours over $500,

3 months/3 hours over $1000, 4 months/4 hours over $1500, 5 months/5 hours over $2000, 6 months/6 hours over $2500.

In addition, it includes all program updates within your program modules for the corresponding number of months.


A Jewelry Shopkeeper version update purchase includes one to three months of the Maintenance Plan (depending on "size" of update.)


The Maintenance Plan Support option includes all program updates within the modules you selected and includes technical support by phone, email and remote-access, working directly with you on your computer.



After your free support time has expired, you can select the All-Inclusive Maintenance Plan or, if not, you'd be on the A La Carte plan.


In more detail this means Compulink provides program updates and technical support via these plans:


"A La Carte Plan"

     where program additions and improvements are billed (varies, though

     average of $495 to $695 for significant new versions) and technical support

     is billed at $180/hour.



"Maintenance Plan"

     Where program additions and improvements and technical support are included

     for a flat yearly fee.

     Great program improvements are added very frequently and can be downloaded

     several times per month for the entire year.

     Technical support covers all Shopkeeper-specific issues and includes

     enough time for any reasonable situation.

     $595 per whole year for a single-computer full version

     $775 per whole year for up to 5 station network full version

     Lite versions of Shopkeeper can be priced lower.



Take a look at the very long list of all additions and changes via this web page


to give you an idea for the number and frequency of improvements and additions you

can expect with the Maintenance Plan.


Note that a program purchased over a year ago may be ineligible for a Maintenance Plan in which case it would need to be updated before being eligible.



Once your initial time has expired, let us know which option you prefer.