Special Restore for Reviewing Old Data

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Reviewing Data from an Old Backup Without Affecting the Live / Current Data


When you backup via the VJS file center, you get a full backup on your memory stick


You can restore that (in a 'special' way) so that you could see all your Shopkeeper files as they would have appeared as of that date. Your live, working data will not be affected and you can continue to use that.


The special restore can be used for running reports as they would have appeared as of the date of the backup.        


These are the instructions for a special restore in that you will need to rename the restored folder so that it does NOT conflict with

your current, live data.clip0133


Your previous backup will have a file named something like



From Computer/My Computer open this zip file and inside you'll find a folder called MAIN.


Drag this to the Windows desktop.



To prevent conflict with the Live Data data folder, right-click and rename this folder 12312019
- i.e. something to help relate it to the date of the backup.



Then, on that same computer, open the local C: drive (not the network drive) open the VISUALJS folder, then drag the 12312019 (however you named it) folder from the Windows Desktop and drop it onto the DATA folder (which is in the VISUALJS folder)


I.e., the renamed folder will end up inside the DATA folder alongside the DEMO folder.




Open VJS, then choose More, Add A Company File,


choose Find Existing VJS Data, select the 12312019 (however you named it)





Now you have a full working copy of the data from that date.



When you work with this data it can look just like your real data so be sure not to leave it open and let people put real current work in it.
When you have finished reviewing that past data, remove it from the list of company files by choosing More then Remove Company From List



This removes it from the list of recently used company files but does not remove it from the local C: drive. at some point you may want to remove

it from the drive by deleting that folder from the C:\VISUALJS\DATA folder.