Special Customer Alerts

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How to Configure Warnings / Alerts When Working with Particular Customers


On the customer name and address profile screen you can assign customers a special "type" such as VI for Very Important, BC for Bounced Check, etc. In most cases these "Types" are used to filter the results of customer mailing lists.


However, another use is to be issued warnings when working with customers.


In Preferences you can make a list of customer types that will cause a warning box when you pull up any customer with one of those types.




The customer type is assigned to customers on the customer profile (name and address) screen.




When you do retrieve one of those customers you get an impossible-to-ignore message.




However, you do need to remember what the customer type means. E.g. BE could mean Bad Email


We've made a change in a recent update so that in addition to the alert showing you the customer type, it will also show the notes that you added to the Notes page of the customer profile. (i.e. where you can explain what type of care the customer needs.)








Also, in the sales screen you can hover the mouse over the customer name

and address to see the notes