SMS Texting

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Currently, Jewelry Shopkeeper supports texting via internet texting provider, Red Oxygen.
(You can find their contact information here:)


You can start on a test basis by requesting a no-charge trial account at Red Oxygen and they will send you a user ID and password.


In Shopkeeper, enter the real or test Red Oxygen credentials in Preferences on the Web services page.


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Then enter the credentials




Note that the email needs to be the same one you gave when creating the account.


During the trial, you  *can* send texts to actual customers, but each message will have Red Oxygen promotional words added.


After the test, you can request a real account from Red Oxygen.


You can now send Text / SMS messages to repair customers. From the Notes page of repairs, you can pick a message and send it if the customer has a mobile phone number.                              



You can also send texts to multiple repair customers simultaneously via the Repair Status Quick Update screen. I.e. you might enter a list of 10 jobs and simultaneously mark them all as complete and send the customers a text. The "Txt" column shows a check-mark by customers who have a mobile number.


You can also send Text / SMS messages to customers unrelated to repairs. This is from the Notes page of the customer profile screen.


- - You create a list of pre-made messages for repairs and customers by right-clicking the SMS message box and then you choose Edit Selections. There, you can add entries with a short name in the Selections column and the message at the bottom in the Text to Add box. Note that the message can contain merge codes that will be personalized for the customer. E.g. [First] becomes the customer's first name. [Job] becomes the repair number. Do include the [Square Brackets] Other merge codes are available, though less likely for SMS because the message should be short. [FullName]  [Address1] [Address2] [City]  [State]  [Zip] [Country] [Phone1] [Spouse] [First+Spouse] [Last] ( These other merge codes may be used in the email part of VJS )


You might have a standard message for jobs that are ready for pickup and another for jobs that are running behind schedule.


You may have messages for the status of special orders or even just thank you messages.


E.g. this message would include the customer's first name and the job number in the message.