Layaway Reports

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Note that in Shopkeeper, Layaways are almost completely unrelated to accounts receivable.


For a simpler layaway and special order report with ticket totals, total payment per ticket, balances and names choose Simple Layaway Reports from the Sales Reports Menu




For more detailed layaway and special order reports choose Detailed Layaway Reports & Statements from the Sales Reports Menu. This report shows individual payments and the details of the Sku's on each sale and the customer name and address and phone number.

This option can also print statements suitable for mailing






When you get to the print options dialog be sure to select the Statement layout not the Report layout. (though that's a handy printout as well)





As well as being very different from A/R statements from a financial standpoint, the layaway statements are different in that they show all the details of each outstanding sale regardless of how long ago and how many payments.


The A/R statements show just the opening balance for the just-completed month and the new activity for the current month - like a Visa card statement.