Setting up Dejavoo Device

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Here's a list of Dejavoo devices that work with Mercury & Blackline & Jewelry Shopkeeper.


Once received from Vantiv/Mercury jot down the device's serial no on the back.


Then request an ID from Compulink. We'll send a code like: 98a47023-060d-4e3a-9100-27586da7e8cc


Next, in Shopkeeper, go to Preferences and type: MERCURYBL  here:





Then select More Account Settings.


Fill in all the entries for Mercury EXCEPT the Terminal ID, API Key & API Password.


The code we sent goes in the 'REFERENCE ID'. Your Terminal Serial No goes right below it.


Then fill in the Business name, Address etc.


When complete, click the Hand-Shake  Button at the top:




You should see a dialogue like:




Choose Save and Exit.


You will also need the below document from Vantiv/Mercury as the Merchant ID & Password will be required:





You will need a hosted checkout password too:











At any time you can check the open batch transactions by either visiting this site:



or running a VJS Open Batch Report:



Currently on the OPEN BATCH report is available:




To CLOSE the open batch choose YES here: