Screen Capture Programs

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Screen Capture, aka PrintScreen or Print Screen Software


There are many situations where it is helpful to capture a part of the computer display.
For example, you may want to capture an alert message or a Shopkeeper screen that you need help with and email it to Compulink.


Or, you may want to capture part of a product image and store it with an inventory record. This could be an image from a website, or it could be the viewfinder screen of your webcam.


Windows 7 and later come with a program called the Snipping Tool which you can access by clicking the Windows Start button then typing Snipping Tool. After you capture a part of the display, the image will be in the Windows Clipboard which you cab paste into other programs such as email, Word.


In newer versions of Shopkeeper, you can also paste the screen capture into any Image box in Shopkeeper (e.g. Inventory, repairs, appraisals, etc.) This can be a good way of obtaining pictures from a Webcam - using the Webcam's own proprietary webcam controller software in case  there is any incompatibility with the combination of your webcam, your Windows configuration and your copy of Shopkeeper.



The Snipping Tool also lets you save to an image file on disk and while it is fairly limited, it's built in to most copies of Windows. If it's not installed in your installation of Windows, you may be able to install it - Google

  Install Windows Snipping Tool
to find help on installing it.


Many other commercial screen capture programs are available which add many additional features or options which you can customize. They also add magnifiers so you can see exactly the limits of where you're capturing.


One such program is Screen Hunter, available in Free and Paid (more options) versions


Another one tested by Compulink is Greenshot which is no charge to install but supported by donations:


Here's a review of some other commercial screen grabbers: