Sales aren't deducted Quantities

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What to Check if Sales Sometimes do Not Reduce Inventory Quantities


Common reasons for inventory quantities to not reflect sales are usually  either adjustment related or class code related:


To check for adjustment related issues, the inventory status can tell the story:


Step 1:



Find a problem sku (1) and check the qty received (2) , Qty on layaway (4) and Qty in Stock (3).


Layaway sales aren’t counted as sales and the layaway qty is counted as in-store until the final payment.


Note the Major Class (5) for step 2.




Next check the Activity Tab (1). Especially Sales (2) , Returns (3) & Adjustments (4)





Step 2: Check the Major Class code


Major class codes can be setup to never deduct inventory.


Examples would be services , repairs , shipping & notes Class Codes.


Choose Major Class Code Maintenance:


Type in the Major class number. Check that the class code is setup as ‘INVENTORY’ and NOT Standard Repair, Extended Repair, Appraisal or Notes: