Repair Sku Numbers

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Organizing and Adding Repair Categories and Sku Numbers


Shopkeeper normally starts you off with a dozen or so major code for different broad categories of repairs such as






and each major code starts out with one semi-generic Sku number that you can add to repair sales. They have no price so you specify the price each time.


But  you can create your own "menu" of different repair Sku's with or without a "point of departure" price.


Within each major code you can have a simple list of 2 or 10 or 15 different repairs [ring sizing, retip, etc,] where you likely would NOT include  a price.


Or you could add  large list of 200 different repair Sku's - possibly pre-populated many of them with a starting price and leaving some of them with no price because if certain tasks are too variable.


You can create your own repair Sku's by choosing Inventory Entry, then select Existing Inventory


or a *huge* list of 6300 different repair Sku's - which some jewelers do when they import David Geller's bluebook into Shopkeeper


On the sales screen you would type just the major code (say 902 for Tips & Prongs) and then a list of Sku's in that repair

category would appear from which you could select.


* * *-


You can add the "menu" of repair Sku's by adding them to inventory via the Existing Inventory tab of Inventory Entry.




[we think you've done that already - but here's the guide shortcut:     ]


We suggest you check the box "do you want to assign your own Sku numbers"


because that way you can create "tidy" Sku's like 97-00010,  97-00020, etc.


You can put a different description for each Sku. If  you want to make a precise price list you can even make several different Sku's with different prices and costs. (that can be changed at sale time if needed.)


The Sku's have a zero quantity which does not change as they are sold.