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The QuickBooks Link Program works with US and Canadian editions of QuickBooks 2007 to 2017 -- Pro or Premier.



In brief, it creates in QuickBooks a general-journal entry for each day's sales activity. It breaks down sales into various categories of merchandise, repairs, special orders etc (you can customize the breakdown), and breaks down payments received.


Accounts payables (and negative accounts payable resulting from returns to vendor) that have been added to Shopkeeper are also exported to QuickBooks as "Bills." Then you use QuickBooks check-writing to pay them.


Consequently, checkbook reports, payables reports and financial reports in Shopkeeper will not be meaningful so they would be run from QuickBooks. Details of sales, inventory, repairs, customers etc would not be in QuickBooks and detailed reports and analyses of those would be done in Shopkeeper.


QuickBooks Link is free for users with a current Maintenance Plan otherwise the full price is $295. You should have Shopkeeper Version 9.7 or higher installed.


You can find a copy of the new Jewelry Shopkeeper QuickBooks Link program at




Click and choose SAVE to the desktop. It's about 30MB.


We suggest that for the first week or so you should try this program out with a practice copy of your real QuickBooks file so you can clearly see how it makes entries in QuickBooks


There's no problem exporting the data to a practice QuickBooks file and then later re-exporting the same data to a real file. Don't export a year or so at a time. Start with a day at a time so you can review the results.


A month at a time is quite doable - but eventually you'd be back to a day at a time anyway since you'd be caught up.


After installation see the on-line Help section in the program for instructions.


Let us know of any problems or area that are confusing.