Tag Printer Setup

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BEFORE Shopkeeper can print tags:




- Are the tags installed correctly? - Is the black ribbon installed correctly? - Is the printer calibrated for your tag type?


For some tips on loading the ribbon and calibrating the tags:


For the Datamax O'Neil Model


New ribbon:







For the Datamax e4203:

New ribbon:







For the Citizen CLP:


New ribbon:



Citizen sensors:





Citizen calibration:




Zebra Calibration:




!! The printer lights should be solid green. !!


If they're flashing red or orange or solid red or orange then the tags or ribbon aren't in properly and printing will be *not* be  possible.


The fault lights must be cleared


!! Testing Calibration !!


You'll *know* the printer is calibrated correctly by pressing the printer's feed button. Only ONE tag will feed. If more than one tag feeds then you must revisit your printer's calibration routine.





Shopkeeper doesn't talk directly to printers, but instead to a Windows printer driver.


The Windows printer driver talks to the printer.


Do you have a printer driver setup correctly and can Windows talk to your printer independent of Shopkeeper?


Here is a website that has most of the Windows thermal printer drivers.


Choose your printer and correct Windows version and download the driver:


Seagull Scientific download printer drivers


or: http://goo.gl/dNufXi



During the installation, the last question is "Do you want to share the printer?"


Always answer yes.


Answer "Use this as a default printer" with NO!



The printer driver will show "Ready" if it's installed properly Choose Start > Control Panel > Printers & Faxes to see the printer driver


If you DO NOT see the driver, try restarting the computer.


During the boot, the computer may recognize the printer driver and invoke the "New Hardware Wizard"





Make sure the printer driver is ready to print.


Seagull printer drivers allow for a test print to see if Windows can communicate with the printer. It's just a test.


In Windows, Choose Start >> Printers (devices & printers)


Double click on the printer driver and choose Printer at the top. Then choose  Properties


Choose the TOOLS tab Choose Print >> Print Test


If you can't print a test, then DELETE the printer driver (right click the printer driver >> Delete or Remove printer driver)


Move the USB cable from the back of the computer to a different USB port


That should INSTANTLY show a "New Hardware Found" dialogue box on your screen


Let windows install the printer driver; you may have to help it along.


Then try the test again.



Sometimes print jobs get stuck in the printer's queue.

NOTHING will print until those jobs are deleted.


Double click on the printer driver and choose Printer at the top.


Then choose 'Cancel All Documents'



Sometimes the printer driver gets mad and sets itself to 'off-line mode'

NOTHING will print when it is in off-line mode.


Double click on the printer driver and choose Printer at the top.

and make sure "USE PRINTER OFF-LINE" is NOT checked.





Great, the printer prints a test label and it's calibrated NOW Shopkeeper can print!


But if it can't please call us to figure out the problem.