Print Individual or Miscellaneous Tags

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How to Print a Single Tag or a Few Unrelated Tags




In VJS, open the Inventory Status screen, locate an item, click on the "Print a Tag" button on the bottom-right of the window to add that Sku to the list. If needed, locate the next Sku and again click "Print a Tag."


When done adding as many items as you need, click the "Print" button that appears when you click on Print a Tag.






There's also a shortcut to bypass the orange/pink Start Printing Tags screen which is by clicking the middle mouse button on the "Print a Tag" icon. This works if you want just a single tag and also works if you have already added three items to the mini-list then Middle-click the "Print a Tag" icon after locating the the fourth Sku.


If you want to print tags for many miscellaneous items and want to work extra fast, there are keyboard shortcuts available:


Sku, Alt-T, F2, repeat



Type a Sku,

Alt-T  to add to the list

F2  jumps back to the Sku Number box so you can select the next item in the list.