POS Pole Configuration

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In terms of POS poles, they're not very widely used so we don't have wide experience with various models.


The only one we've used with Windows Shopkeeper is the Logic Control LD9000 USB


The installation notes we have say that you want to keep the pole *disconnected* until *after* you have installed the software that came with the pole.


Also, when you run the pole CD, there may be a choice between "Virtual COM Port Driver" or "Device Name Driver" and the selection you want is Virtual COM Port Driver


But do look at the CD to see if there is an installation instruction text file that is specific for your model.


When you install it should give you a com port number such as COM4 or COM10 etc - make a note of that as that is needed in the Preferences part of  VJS.


The place in Shopkeeper to set it up is in Preferences, Local Defaults.


There you'd enter something like 4 for COM4 and 4800,N,8,2 for the com port parameters.


These would have to match the device's settings.