Payment Without Mouse

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For less mouse use, when you're on the second (or first blank) Sku line of the sale you can simply press <Enter> a couple of times to get to the payment area.




Note that if it's a Cash sale, the payment amount is assumed to be the entire amount due (it's a cash sale -it's got to be all paid, right?


The program just waits for the payment method:




By keyboard, you can arrow up and down to select  the payment method and then press <Enter>, or you can use the mouse to select the payment method.


If you need to split the payment, then you can click in the Payment box to enter the first payment amount:





If the sale is a Layaway or special order then when you Press <Enter> a few  times from the empty Sku box, then the sales screen will *not* assume full-payment-in-one, so it will "land" in the Payment box waiting for you to select the down





Also note that if you pick the wrong payment type, it's possible to delete the payment by clicking the checkbox in the trash-can column in the Payment List.