Paying Vendors and Suppliers with a Business Credit Card

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Paying Vendors and Suppliers with a Business Credit Card



If you sometimes use a credit card to pay vendors you could enter it as one of the eight available checking accounts and use it just like a checkbook.
(Use "Checkbook Setup" to add such an account)



This account will normally have negative balance - which isn't a problem - in fact that's correct.


When you use it to pay a bill you'd issue a "check" using screen "Pay Invoices Payable - Cut Checks" and let the program assign

a  "check number" just as if you were using a real checking account.



When you make a payment to that card, record a "bank deposit." using option "Checks, Deposits, GJ Entries."



If you use a credit card for routine purchases such as office supplies you could likewise enter purchases as if they were made with a check using screen "Checks, Deposits, GJ Entries."  This is much better than entering the credit card statement total as a lump-sum because this method gives you the details of the payee, the purchases and the expense codes for each transaction.