Paper Stock for Repair Envelopes and Tickets

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Paper and Card Stock for Repair Job Envelopes and Tickets


Visual Jewelry Shopkeeper includes a wide range of repair ticket / envelope layouts built-in.


Many of these are variations of the most-common 3-Part Repair Envelope / Ticket.


Attached are two examples of that. One of the attached can print on a form that has two tear-off paper slips and the third part, the item copy, is an actual paper envelope; this is from Impact Specialties tel: (800)543-4264.

You can view an image of that here.



The other is 3 part heavy paper or thin card, where the item copy goes into a matching zip-lock clear vinyl or clear poly bag, which is reusable.
You can view a PDF version of that here.


These can be ordered with or without the small extra tear-off-stubs at the top from Impact Specialties or Hessler -   tel: (800) 364-1304.


The pictures, barcode, disclaimer, estimate, due-date, etc are optional.


In fact, beyond the various layouts and options which are standard, it is even possible for you to create a custom layout where you can change wording, fonts, etc.


In addition to standard tickets, there are also options to print repair tracking information on to 2" x 4" labels (e.g. to attach to other jewelers' own envelopes for wholesale work) or onto 40-column receipt printer paper.


Another option is almost-normal letter size paper  -- if a local office supply store has regular letter size paper with two perforations for three equal parts, that could initially be used for both receipts and repair tickets.


On-line, you can check with

    product 23-0112 for 24lb paper 2-part or

    product 23-0116 for 24lb paper 3-part  (both plain white)

 [20lb exists, but 24lb is probably better for receipts]


The most common repair ticket is three parts, but it's a bit special in that the parts are not equal, the paper is heavier, almost card-like, and it's not exactly letter-size. See separate notes for repair tickets.