Notes and Comments on Receipts

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Methods of Adding Notes and Comments to Sales Receipts and Invoices


At the bottom left of the VJS sales screen you can click on the Notes tab and add some notes.




These notes do not generally print on sales receipts and invoices.
(If you have the patience, you can create a customized the receipt layout to include those notes. In the Designer, add a field with expression "Salenotes." If this is needed, ask us for tips on using the Designer)



These notes also do not appear in the customer history.


Another way to add notes to a sale is to create one or two  major codes for notes.




and in the major code setup screen select a service type of Notes or Notes II


As with any service major code you'll have a dummy Sku that you can re-use endlessly. However, these will format better on the receipts  in that

the Sku, price and qty will not print.


You may want to edit the dummy Sku(s) from the Inventory Status screen to erase the standard description.


Then you can add this dummy Sku to a sale and type in one or two lines of comments. You can add more than one instance of the Sku to a sale to add more than two lines.


Notes Sku's in a "Notes II" category will not print on receipts, but will show in a customer history.


Notes Sku's in a "Notes" category will print on both receipts and statements and will show in the customer history.