Moving VJS to a New Computer

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Moving VJS to a New Computer


From your previous server, copy the entire C:\VISUALJS folder to the new server's C: drive. (possibly D:)


This could be transferred directly (if both computers are on the network and talking, or via a large-capacity USB memory stick, or via an external hard drive.)



Then share this C:\VISUALJS folder on the new server giving all users ("Everyone") read, write, delete, update, create, etc privileges.


Then on each workstation map a network drive letter to point to the new server.


E.g. where they might have had X: mapped to \\SERVER\C



they'll now map X: to \\SERVER2015\VISUALJS


Of course, the exact names and drive letters will be different in your case.




Then Open Selected Company from the VJS File Center and it'll probably prompt you to Update the Data Files.


After you have verified that the data is in place on the server, use the same  VJS Installer as above on the other workstations.


You and your tech people can contact us with any questions.