Missing Second Page

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On occasion the second receipt page doesn't print.


It can depend on various factors such as the printer driver, the length of the items' descriptions.


In many cases it's where the end-of-receipt summary is very long so you might first look and see if the message can be shortened.


We realize how problematic that is and have spent a lot of time on the missing 2nd page issue.


In some cases you can select one of the other receipt layouts. There are several side-by-side receipt formats which are just slightly different and the "geometry" of some can work differently with different receipts.


One sure-fire solution is to select the receipt layout #11 Side by Side Laser Raised Summary.




This layout is a perfectly good layout - but it differs from the others in that where the others print the summary (message, subtotal, total, etc) at the very bottom of the last page, the Raised Summary version prints this summary immediately after the last sales item of the receipt.