Magnesafe Magstripe Reader Setup

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To use Cayan - Merchant Warehouse credit card processing integrated into Jewelry Shopkeeper, first verify

that you have your credentials from your Cayan Rep.


Site ID:          Approximately 8 digits and letters

Key:              Five groups of four letters and numbers

Name/Merchant ID: Your store name




Note that there is a second set of credentials that enables access to reporting and to the Merchant Warehouse

Payment Gateway. For that you need:


Username    Usually contains a part of your store name and digits


ID Number: Usually a four digit number


Note that these last three enable you to verify payments online at




You can also process or void or report payments there *independently* of Jewelry Shopkeeper




The below instructions assume you have a MagTek Magnesafe encrypted credit card reader. This must come from

Merchant Warehouse because the encryption must be set by them.


The reader should have a padlock icon on it and if you swipe a credit card while in a word processor

or email program, you should see mostly gobbledygook.


If you have a different reader, please let us know




In VJS, choose Preferences from the Maintenance Menu



Then select the Credit Card Defaults page under Payment Options.




Type MWSECURE4 in the Credit Card Authorization box and then click More Account Settings


select the Merchant Warehouse line in the Company box



Enter the credentials



Chose Save and Exit from the Web Credentials screen



Then choose Save from the top of the Preferences screen




Remember, before you try to process a payment via Jewelry Shopkeeper, process a test payment via the Merchant Warehouse Payment Gateway.


E.g. use your own card for $0.75 and directly after you can Void that, also from the Payment Gateway web page

or from