Inventory Level from Prior Date

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There isn't a retroactive report for average memo inventory levels. What type of repair average were you looking for ? average repair sales price? average insurance value?



You cannot directly run a detailed inventory report for a previous date.


But when you close each month the inventory total at that moment is stored in the chart of accounts. The value goes into two accounts one for items you have on-hand but on layaway and another for the rest. Neither would contain Memo items.



View the figures from the chart of accounts for that. Accounting Menu


Then select Inventory Value and check the Balances/ Note that you should *also* check the Layaway inventory balances as that was/is owned merchandise.






If you need a more detailed inventory report from a previous date and/or you haven't been closing the months (so the above figures are not usable) you may be able to restore a previous-date backup and look in there (See below for "special restore" instructions.)



See the Special Restore for Reviewing Old Data under "System Maintenance" or click here: Special Restore