Install to Main Computer

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To install VJS on the server, the link below has an installation Visual Jewelry Shopkeeper (VJS)


Google shortcut:   


Use the installation password that you received at the time of your original purchase. Allow this to install to C:\VISUALJS


(If you can't download a new installer, on the new server run the (larger) installer program from the C:\VISUALJS\INSTALL folder - a file named something like INSTALLVJS.EXE.


At the Main (Server) computer and any workstations (other computer) *) 

Open the Windows Control Panel,

then  "View Network Status and Tasks"    

then "Advanced sharing settings"

 > Turn ON network discovery
         > Turn ON File and Printer sharing
         > Turn OFF Password Protected Sharing


Then share this C:\VISUALJS (or D:\VISUALJS) folder on the new server giving all users (or the EVERYONE user ) read and write privileges. (and delete, update, create privileges etc if those are options.)


Open Computer (Explorer), the C: drive, right-click the VISUALJS folder and choose Sharing, then Share With and type the name Everyone when prompted and select Read/Write.





Add the "Everyone" name to the list of authorized people.






Set the new server and all workstations to the same Windows Workgroup name - e.g. WORKGROUP or MSHOME or ABCJEWELERS Right-Click Computer, choose Properties, click Change Settings, then Change