Entering In-House Charge Account Sales

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How to Type in an In-House Charge Account Sale



To apply a sale to an in-house charge account, start by creating  a new sale in the usual way.


Then change the sale type from Cash Sale to House Charge, by clicking the drop-down arrow by the large "Cash Sale" heading at the top, then select House Charge.




If the customer does not yet have an in-house charge account, you'll have the option to add it on the fly.


You can leave the payment empty or you type just a partial down-payment amount. and then choose Print Receipt or No Receipt.




You don't have to press Enter, on the $0 payment box before choosing Print Receipt or No Receipt, but if you do, you'll notice an On Account "payment" entry in the Payment List.




It's not a bankable payment, of course; it represents that the sale was paid by a credit to the in-house charge account which now carries the balance.


Note that since the sale is "paid" in full and the items have been delivered, in-house charge account sales are finalized immediately and for sales reports count as full sales, along with Cash Sales and picked up Layaways and Special Order sales.