Email Configuration

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Email Configuration


In order to send email from within VJS, you will need your email account's security credentials.

Typically we suggest you check with your email provider for the credentials needed for Microsoft Outlook because they'll understand Outlook and their help web page most likely already has information needed for configuring your account in Outlook.

The same credentials will be needed in Shopkeeper.


               email smtp server address

               email login id

               email password

               email port and ssl setting


Within the main VJS program, any time you print [reports, receipts, anything - except price tags] and get to the Print Options screen you can choose to email. You can also email a customer from the customer profile screen by double clicking the email address box.



E.g. when you print a receipt, check the Email Report check box.





(you may want to uncheck preview)


Then when you start, you'll get the Send Email screen where you can click on the Settings page