Email PDF Receipts & Reports

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Emailing Receipts, Appraisals, Repair Tickets and Reports


Visual Jewelry Shopkeeper can create PDF versions of receipts, appraisals and reports which can
be emailed or stored for future reference.


For details, see this help topic in the FAQ pages :


See note further down about email security credentials.


When you print a receipt or an appraisal or a report, you can check the E-Mail Report option.





Then a PDF version of the receipt will be created and added as an attachment to

an email message. You can adjust the subject and message text before sending.





Note that a PDF version of the report will be sent to, typically, the PDF folder inside the VJS REPORTS

folder which is on the Windows Desktop so you can keep a copy of those for future.


Also, instead of having Shopkeeper send the PDF receipt or report, you can continue to use

your usual email program (e.g. Outlook or Gmail) and when you compose a message

add the Shopkeeper PDF version as an email attachment.


You can verify or change the folder location by clicking on the Select Folder button.