David Geller Jeweler Profit Blue Book

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David Geller Jewler Profit Blue Book


Compulink has received from Jeweler Profit the data for David Geller's Repair Blue Book version 5, Release 6.0 from mid-2016 and has prepared a program to import it into Visual Jewelry Shopkeeper.


This is a list of over 6000 repair Sku's which are broken down into 13 major codes. A single repair job may well involve more than one of the Blue Book Sku's.


Compulink doesn't charge for this program, but before importing the Blue Book you do need to request from Jeweler Profit their "digital license" which may be separate from the paper license. Contact JewelerProfit at (888) 255-9848  and see their website here: http://www.jewelerprofit.com/Blue_Book.html


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To install the VJS Update, from the VJS Main Menu, click on "Options" at the top right corner

Then select "Utilities"



Then on the "Built-In" List choose the Import Blue Book option and then click "Run."






It will ask you which starting major code to use. Normally you'd start with 901 and there are 13 major codes in all.


The standard major code breakdown looks like this though you can modify the starting number before importing.

E.g. you could use 911 to 923 or 921 to 933 or 931 to 943, etc.




This will create a Sku number in Shopkeeper for each Blue Book repair number.


But. . . if those major codes are already in use in the Jewelry Shopkeeper inventory list (for non Blue Book 5 Sku's), the import won't work.


For example, you may have a previous Blue Book list of Sku's in Shopkeeper. Version 4 and earlier Blue Book lists are NOT compatible with version 5 and it is suggested that the old lists be "tidied away" so you can import the new list.


The VJS update has a feature to help you move existing major codes out of the way


From the Major Code screen, you can choose Options Relocate / Reassign Major Codes



This VJS feature will allow you to combine different major codes.


E.g., if you already have major codes 901, 902,. . . 912 you could merge and move them all to 949 for example.


You can assign an assumed cost to each Sku and by default that would be a third of the retail; i.e.  specify a multiplier of 0.3333.





Using the Blue Book Sku's in a Sale


To use the repair Sku's on a sale, you could type into the Sku box the correct major code for the chapter ( e.g. 941 for Watch and Battery) and not finish the Sku - just pres Enter - and you'll get a list of watch jobs.




Or, you could search by a specific Sku within the Blue Book. To do that, press Ctrl-P when the sales screen prompts for a Sku. This will switch to "part number" lookup, where you could type BB (for Blue Book) followed by the Blue Book Sku, e.g.  BB1000 for a 14K size increase up to 3mm



I.e., press Ctrl-P when you are in this box:


Then type a Blue Book Sku such as BB1000