Customer Type

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A simple way of categorizing customers so you can select them for mailing lists is with the "customer type."


You can assign the customer a two-letter customer type on the profile screen




However, this is limited to one customer type per customer



There is another "key word" approach which can allow you to assign multiple categories to customers.


You can put some codes in the customer notes box - the box of 4 or so lines at the bottom of the name/ address page

e.g.  you could add [01]  and [03]  or [REF:FACEBOOK]  or {REF:GOOGLE} to the notes.


We suggest surrounding the key word in square or curly brackets to avoid confusion with something else. e.g. putting 01 alone

is no good because a customer might have the notes.


"office extension 301"


When you do mailings (or reports or emailings) you can select FOR CUSTOMER TYPES:XX,YY,ZZ




or you could select FOR KEYWORDS IN COMMENTS: [01] or [02] or [REF:FACEBOOK]






The customer mailing label screen will look in both the shorter comments box on the first page of the customer profile and also in the longer

notes box on the Notes page.