Customer Returns, Refunds, Store Credit

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Customer Returns, Exchanges, Refunds, Store Credit


If a customer returns a previously sold and delivered item to you, you need to create a new sales ticket.



In general you do NOT want to edit a previous ticket as this causes various problems because the sale has been 'booked' on that previous date. (If it's a same-day return, you may possibly edit that original sale.)


Instead, you need to make a NEW sales ticket, add the Sku number and put a minus-one quantity.

[or chose Options, Return to stock - which results in the same minus-one quantity.]





Return sales like this with a negative total expect you to issue a negative payment and you can choose Visa, Cash, or a store credit slip.




To issue a credit slip for a return sale credit where a negative payment is expected choose the Gift Certificate payment type icon.





( If you don't have the Full version of VJS you might not have full gift certificate tracking. Nonetheless, you may be able to access some of the options below.)




To use a gift certificate as a payment on a sale choose the Gift Certificate payment type icon.





You can use more than one gift certificate as a payment on a sale and you can mix gift certificate payments along with other payment types.


If you use a gift certificate that is of higher value than the sale, the difference will remain on the slip.



- - -


To run reports on gift and credit slips, choose Gift and Credit Certificates from the Sales screen




then choose Options, Report Credit Slips





or choose Credit Slip and Gift Certificate Reports from the Reports Menu.