Sales by Clerk and Commission Reports

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Report of sales (and possibly Commissions) by Sales Person


You can assign up to five clerks per sale and that applies to both inventory sales and repair sales.



For a repair you might possibly record both the initials of the take-in person and also of the bench jeweler, or perhaps more than one bench jeweler. Some merchandise sales may have been made with the help of two or more clerks.


These will appear on-screen and on sales receipts.


If you ordered the Commission Tracking / Sales by Clerk Tracking module of VJS, you can run those reports via the menu choice Sales by Clerk - Commission Reports on the Sales Reports Menu.






Note that if you assign the initials of two people to a single item then on this report by person, the report shows the full commission percentage but value of the item is halved since it is shared among two people. (Or divided by three for three clerks, etc.)


However, if you inspect the individual sales line you would see the full sales price (because the customer has to pay the full price) but the commission rate would show divided.


E.g. on the sales screen, the Ring could show a price of $1000 with Joe getting 1% (i.e. for $10 commission) and Mary getting 2% (i.e. for $20 commission)


But on the commission report, the ring would show twice - once at $500 in Joe's section with a commission rate of 2% (for $10 commission), and again in Mary's section at $500 with a commission rate of 4% (for $20 commission).  This way the sales total equals $100 and the commission total is $30.


It might take a bit of experimentation to get the right entry of initials and commission rate to get the report the way you want it.