Inactive Clerks

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Setting Disused Clerks as Inative


You can erase a former salesperson initials from the master list if you never need to refer to it again, but you could also leave them in the master list to help cross reference when reviewing old sales reports.


If you leave the initials in the list, you could make a former clerk as Inactive to prevent them from appearing in the drop-down select list on the sales screen.


Here's a walkthrough of the Inactive Clerk feature.


From the Sales Clerks screen, here is a list of clerks



Select Melissa Young, for example, switch to the Profile II page and set the clerk as Inactive.




Now when you drop down the list of clerks on the sales screen any Inactive clerk does NOT appear. That's what Inactive does:

it lets the clerk remain in the master clerk list without cluttering up the pick-list on the sales screen.




But keeping the initials in the list will help make sense when running old sales reports by clerk. It will also prevent you from adding another clerk with the same intitials,


As an aside, Note that while you can make the 001 clerk Inactive and you can  assign it a password so people can't use it, you can't 100% erase the 001 clerk from the list.