Class Codes

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Before you put in inventory you need to have in place the Major Class Codes (inventory categories) Minor Class Codes (sub-categories) and Vendor Codes.


These options are accessed from the Maintenance Menu of VJS.


The Vendor Codes are fairly simple - e.g. something like DDI for Diamonds Direct International. (numbers alone are possible, but letters are more common.)




The Minor Codes are sub-category codes that might be applied to merchandise from different main categories (e.g. 14 Karat Yellow Gold)




The Major Codes require a bit more consideration.


Attached is a sample major code and minor code list the way they are sent out. We expect you will remove many of the categories and add a few. Or you could organize it from scratch


In addition to general organization of the detailed inventory reports, the major codes can be used to print summarized inventory and sales reports subtotaled by major code.


The question might be: How do you want to see the executive summary of inventory status and sales figures on just two or three pages - i.e. one summary line per major class.


See this website help-page for notes on major codes: