Check Your Network Speed

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On each computer, check your connection speed to the server computer


Choose Start >> Control Panel





Click on Network & Sharing Center:




At the top left, select Change Adapter Settings to reveal your Network Adapters (NICs)




The red X next to the Wi-Fi means this computer is not connected to a wi-fi router.


That's what VJS prefers; wireless is slow and unreliable!




To see your connection speed, right click active adapter >> Status:






This shows this computer is connected at 1.0Gbps (1 Gigabit per second) or 1024 Megabits per second.


There are 8 bits on a byte, so data is flowing at approximately 128 Megabytes per second;

that's the best you can hope for right now!







Wi-fi speeds of 72.0 Mbps are common. For comparison, that's 9 Megabytes per second: