Adjusting Repair Ticket Layouts

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Instructions for Adjusting the Layout of Repair Envelopes and Tickets


For the repair envelope - different printers feed non-standard paper differently - (e.g. adjusted left or right or center)


However, VJS has a report designer which allows you to customize almost any report or label or receipt.


It's for "technical" users, and is a bit advanced but not too  scary if you have a few minutes, and besides, simple position and

font adjustments are not complicated.  See below for a primer.


This link has a guide on  how to create customized versions of appraisals:


and the same approach applies to repair envelopes, statements, receipts, reports, etc.


     or shortcut:



Once you're in the designer you can move objects by dragging with the mouse or for more precision, click once then use the cursor keys.


Aside from the video, here are some simplified tips


On the Print Options screen, choose Add then pick a name, then click on the Customize Report button on the bottom left




press Ctrl-A to select all items, [or use the mouse do drag an invisible box around one of the sections to select all the items on one section]


Then use cursor keys to nudge them down or up or left or right.




To delete an item, right-click it and choose Delete.


To move an item just drag it; or for more precision click it and then use the cursor keys.



For the case of changing fonts, once you're in the designer you can double click an object then change the font from the Style tab




If you want to add text, the easiest way is to click a block of text that already exists, then press Ctrl-C, Ctrl-V to copy it. Then move the copy, then double-click this copied text to modify it.


Then save and exit by choosing File, Save, then File, Close





When you use a custom layout at Computer X it will be assumed to be the preferred version the next time you print. This will not make Computer Y on the same network assume the same preference, but Computer Y can access the same customized version if wanted.


You may find that different printers have different "registration" and you may need to make different custom versions for different printers.