Changing Class Codes for all Sku's of a Major Code

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Reassign an Entire Class Codes - Change the Major Codes for all Sku's of a Major Code


This can also merge all of the items of two major class codes together.



From the Major Class Codes screen, chose Options, Relocate / Reassign Major Codes





Then select the destination major class code



Choosing the Preserve Sku Number Ending number tries to keep the last five digits of a Sku Number the same.
E.g. Moving Major Code 1 to 730 would change Sku number 1-10022 into 730-10022.


In this case, you might be able to avoid re-tagging because you could just cross out the 18 and write 19. However, this wouldn't work if you use barcoding because the barcode would remain as the old Sku number.


However, this would not be possible if Sku 730-10022 already exists. If Sku's already exist in the destination major class codes, then you are, effectively merging two major codes together, which is permissible, but the Sku's would be entirely different. E.g. Sku number 1-10022 could become 730-23072.


In this latter case, VJS creates a  list of the before and after Sku numbers and puts it in the VJS Reports folder. When you retag, this list can help you match which new tag has to replace which old tag.


Whether you change major codes individually from the inventory status screen or an entire major code, all the related records (sales, returns, etc.)  are updated simultaneously.