Change Clerks / Commission on Each Sales Line

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Assigning Clerks to Entire Sales or Individual Sales Items.





You can assign the initials / ID  of up to five clerks at the top of each sale.



Adding clerks at the top of the sale will affect all new items added after that time but  Shopkeeper tracks the clerks

per each item of a sale and allows you to change them for each item.


To change or verify who is assigned to any Sku line, retrieve and unlock the sale, select a line, click options, Clerks & Commissions





When you can add or remove clerks and change the commission percentage on a Sku line, that does not affect any other line.




If you ordered the Commission Tracking / Sales by Clerk Tracking module of VJS, you can run those reports via the menu choice Sales by Clerk - Commission Reports on the Sales Reports Menu.