Sensor Adjustment

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Easy media sensor adjustment and alignment.


As an additional aid to setting up the paper sensors. It is now possible on the CLP 621/631 and also on the later CLP 521 printers, to use the "right media guide" to automatically align the upper and lower media or paper sensors. You will have seen that the upper sensor arm, shown below, has a white triangle and the lower sensor a small white mark, this is to make alignment easier. Line the two up and the sensors are perfectly in line However we have also modified the 'right media guide' (the piece of plastic used to set the right margin). So, now, if you slide the right media guide against the sensors, it pushes them together and keeps them perfectly in alignment. The best way to see it, is to try it! Ideal when using media/labels that are less than (2 inchs) 50mm wide.