Buying Tags

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Some commonly used tag style numbers are below but there's not one particular style of tag that supported; you can select from a wide range of shapes and sizes.



See the web pages below for various samples to see which size tag is best for you.


If you got the printer from either of these vendors, you might as well favor that vendor for the tags and ribbon.   


When you talk to a rep, you can verify that the tag you want is compatible with the printer (almost all are)


You'll also need a compatible resin ribbon.


Avoid the ZU 304 tag because it's actually two-across which is awkward. One-across tags are much better.


In fact because the web page might not clearly indicate which tags are two-across, have the rep verify that your choice is one-across.



If the size is ok, we might suggest the 301 tag. If you want a thinner tail and/or a slightly wider tag, the 306 tag.




From Arch crown the TT306 is a commonly used tag   



Whichever tag you get, request that the tag be rolled such that the printed area of the tag is on the left and that the string points to the right


The Rat tail tags where the two sides are vertically stacked (with a horizontal perforation) are probably slightly easier more efficient  space-wise than the tags where the two sides are horizontally placed (with a vertical perforation) because when you have to move the top line down a mm or so to avoid skipping you lose that mm only on the top portion, not the bottom portion. However, this is not a deal-breaker.