Barcode Size

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To double the width of the barcode, go to the Tag Designer screen and in the BARCODE FONT CODE BOX type:     d94   More likely:


To make the barcode a bit narrower than the standard width, change the BARCODE FONT to d42   There are other combinations which will change the barcode width and you can experiment. The barcode font must start with a lower case D followed by two digits. The first digit is the width of the wider bar and the second digit is the width of the narrower bar.   The standard barcode font used (when you don't specify a special one) is d52 - this is the best combination because the best ratio of wide to narrow is 5:2.   Note that not every barcode reader can read every width of barcode Some good barcode readers may be able to read barcode even if it's not 5:2 so you could even try combinations such as  d41  or  d32 or  d42 or d31   IMPORTANT: Make sure your barcode reader can accurately and quickly read your barcode before you print hundreds of tags. Test the tags in real situations such as attached to merchandise and after crumpling the tags a bit.   As a separate adjustment, to make the code taller, increase the value next to the "Height of Barcode" prompt on the tag layout screen.