Assemble Two or More Skus

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Assemble Two or More Sku's into One Sku



From the Inventory Menu, then Assemble & Disassemble


The usual route is to create a new Sku, and then add existing Sku's as components. The new Sku can have a different major code, style, description than any of the components.


Click New to create a new, "empty" Sku to which you will add Sku's that are already in stock.





Then enter the overall information for the new item



which will create a new Sku number. You can leave the cost and retail empty if you like as you can get a total after adding the components.  When you're done with the basics click OK to return to the Assemble screen,


There, choose OK - Edit List




Then select the "ingredients", the component Sku's




Add as many components as needed



Then choose Save.


To edit this item later, open the Assemble & Disassemble screen and type or find the existing overall Sku number. Then you could add further components or remove existing components.


It's also possible to start with an existing Sku and build on it.

The advantage, for the case where you add a very small addition (like a $10 chain on a $1000 pendant) is that you're left with the original Sku and style and description. The downside is that you're affecting the cost and price of that Sku which can get confusing. E.g. if you were to edit the original incoming invoice for that item, the invoice total could get recalculated based on the new cost.