Adding Web Category & Web Status

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The Web Status and Web Category boxes currently don't have any pre-defined meaning  but you can fill them in with "codes" that might help your website handle those items differently.


There are innumerable possible uses, but for a simple example, one code might indicate that it  "takes extra time to ship", or "only available in store" or "unique item" (un-restockable) or "not discountable."





They're designed for the jeweler and the webmaster to  use as they like. They have no built-in relation to the official Major Class code or Minor Class code.


The jeweler can manage the list by right-clicking the box and choosing Edit Selections






Another use for the Alternative Web Description is that you can make the export feature select *only*  those items that have such an alternative description.


I.e. filling in the Alternative Web Description is one way you can select which items you want to be sent to the web or which items to be *excluded*




Note that you don't even have to *use* the Alternative Description: You could type the letter X in the Alternative Description of the items you want to export, yet in the Export file you could include just the normal (Sku) description and normal notes.


Not that these fields are STYLE-BASED.


I.e. if you received Style XYZ from Vendor AAA today, you get a unique Sku 145-10015.


If a month later you receive another  Style XYZ from Vendor AAA today, you get a new unique Sku, say, 145-10056.


Each of those Sku's has its own record in the inventory file so the description, price, cost could be slightly different.


However, the Style-Based fields are in a separate table and are shared as-is between the two Sku's of the same style.



If it's not there already, we expect at the least to let you use them as a selection criteria when creating the web export file.


(e.g. "send only non-blank web-category or web-status items" or send only category "XB")