Adding Logo

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Save your logo file in the folder




on the data drive where VJS data is stored


The \MAIN\ part may be different; you can verify your data folder from the VJS File Center



You can specify this logo file in "Preferences." From the Maintenance Menu) then choose Receipts, Half & 40 Col, then click on the Browse button on the Receipt Logo File line.


Note that typically you want your logo design to include the business name and address. These should be centered in an image file of almost the entire width of the receipt and a few inches tall. A resolution of up to 300dpi should be sufficient. For example, a logo file 4.5" wide and 2" tall could be between 1000 and 1500 pixels wide. JPG or PNG are commonly used formats.


You would also want to UN-check the option "Print your store name on the Half-Page receipt."