Adding Images via Screen Capture

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Capture Images from the Screen and Add them to Shopkeeper


The previous approaches of adding images to Shopkeeper were either dragging and dropping picture files
into Shopkeeper or capturing pictures using a USB webcam type of camera.


However, some webcams don't behave perfectly when they are accessed from a program other than their own
image-capture software. The behavior can vary depending on which update of which Windows is running, and can vary depending on what combination of software or drivers are installed.


So, a new option allows you to add pictures to Shopkeeper by capturing any image from the computer screen

using any screen capture program which lets you select any part of any image.


Using a third-party screen capture software will usually give you the most flexibility and precision, but you can start
by using the Snipping Tool screen capture program which is built-in to most versions of Windows.


Our preferred screen capture program is GreenShot






During setup make sure to set preferences like:







First, configure Shopkeeper to always make sure your screen capture program is running when you start Shopkeeper


Open Preferences from the VJS Maintenance Menu and open the Local Defaults (p.3) page and click the Select Snipping Tool button to locate the Snipping Tool program on your computer.


If you have a better, third-party, screen capture program, choose browse to locate the program file.



Save the Settings at the top







The Snipping Tool takes only a small amount of memory and it doesn’t take much space on the Windows Desktop and you can minimize it when it's not needed.

Many third-party programs don't even remain visible on the screen; they just react to your pressing the PrintScreen key on the keyboard.


It's quite easy to close the Snipping Tool accidentally, but Shopkeeper will re-open it if you close it and then try to paste an image.


Bring up the needed image on the computer screen - e.g. images from a vendor’s webpage:
(try to retrieve the larger size version, not the thumbnail)




Or display an article of inventory via your webcam's controller software. Try to select a larger on-screen resolution.





Click New in Snipping Tool. (or press the PrintScr key, if using a third-party screen capture program.)


"Draw" a careful rectangle around the image being sure to get just the part you want.




Switch back to VJS and right-click the No Image Saved image area for inventory, repairs,
appraisals, etc, then select Paste Clipboard:





If there is no image on the Windows Clipboard, the Paste option will be greyed out.


As with images obtained via the other methods (drag and drop and direct webcam), you can save more than one
image per item by following these same steps a second or third time. A single inventory item can also have a mix of images captured from the screen and from a USB webcam and from a picture file on disk.